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Personalise the site to your own needs. Change the colour and/or the size of the text and/or the links and/or the background colour. The changes will be captured in a cookie and will retain your preferences on subsequent visits to this site.

How to
  1. Enable Cookies and Javascript on your PC.
  2. Pick a colour preference eg "Link" and then click on a colour in the colour chart. Your planned changes will be displayed in the box below the colour chart.
  3. Once you are happy with the planned changes, click the "Change Preferences" button. You can return to the default settings by clicking the "Default" button.
Other Options
  • Use the keyboard instead of the mouse, to navigate this site. Internet Explorer users: Press the "Alt" and the "highlighted menu letter" keys together. Then press the "Enter" key. Firefox version 2+ users: Press the "Alt" and "Shift" and the "highlighted menu letter" keys together. For example (Internet Explorer users) To move to the "Bingos" page press the "Alt" and the "b" key together. Then press the "Enter" key.
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